Friday, August 14, 2015

Welcome to My Home series....Day 6

Day 2 exploring the upstairs decor of my home (The Evening Shade Manor) and today we see where I hang out while blogging. It comes complete with a pose stand and laptop! lol

I did one modification to this room, I made the far wall a solid color instead of the print that came with it.

Arizona clothes rack from ~BAZAR~ Arizona Bedroom
[LeeZu!] Posestand Deluxe
.:revival:. suede chair
{what next} Blogger's Office Noticeboard (Noir) with shadow
{what next} 'WRITE' Wall Decor (noir) wih shadow
{what next} Blogger's Rug (noir)
{what next} Blogger's Office Chair (noir)
{what next} Blogger's Office Desk (noir)
{what next} File Box
{what next} Blogger's Office Bookshelf (noir)
{what next} Row of Books (decorative only)

Please feel free to visit my FLICKR page to see full resolution photos. :) Stay tuned, more to come!

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