Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Welcome to My Home series....Day 4

Today is Day 4 of the tour of my home and we are going to explore what I call the Florida room.  It is just off the living room and leads to the back porch. What I love about this room, as well as the entire house (The Evening Shade Manor by Modern Living), is the openness and all the windows to let in the light.

This house is just me and the creator, Micky Doctorow, has many versions of homes for you to choose from. The furniture in this room all comes in a set. Yes, I used an "out of the box" set to decorate this room, but it fits perfectly and I love this set!

All of the following is from Chez Moi:
Potted Bamboo Zen  (2)
Chair Leaf Lounge Zen  (2)
Rug Lounge Zen 
Candle in the Wood Zen 
Picture Frame 
My Things 
Table Lounge Zen 
Lounge Multiposes Lounge Zen 
Cabinet Lounge Zen 
Potted Plant Sunshine 
White Flower Zen 

Stay tuned for the upstairs!!!!

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