Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Loving Fall!!

Even though I know winter is coming, Autumn is such a burst of joy before the snow and ice set in. The crunching sound of the leaves, the wonderful colors that flood the trees and the ground and all the "warm" things we do.

My RL birthday is in July so this summer I had asked for a firepit to be built in my back yard because I just KNEW I would use it in the fall. Guess what?! I few times now and I even learned that I cannot handle sm'oreos lol they are wayyy too sweet.

Speaking of fall, Dreamland Designs have some amazing items for the fall season:

You will see both the Autumn Table Set and the Tree with falling acorns and leaves. Yes! Acorns and leaves really fall! In my photos you will see that the Autumn Table Set has several options to choose from.

The Tree has a lot of options for sitting as well, and in addition tot he acorns and leaves falling, it has piles of leaves and the baskets that come with it. Be sure you get yours soon from Dreamland Designs and enjoy a little taste of Autumn in your backyard :)

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Home & Garden Expo is coming to a close

Today is the last day for the Home & Garden Expo so if you haven't had the opportunity to visit any of the 9 sims, you better spend the day doing just that! 96 vendors over 9 sims, and a lot of items to item, seen below, is the Dreaming Cottage and it comes exactly as you see it below. I have added nothing to this so that you can see what is included.

Yes, even the landscaping is included and it is all included in a dome shape with a foundation (similar to a snowglobe). Once you rez it you are good to go!

Two levels with a ladder to get you up and down, mirror, fireplace, wall art, books, etc .....all included.

Everything you need all right here in one awesome package! It's available from Koko Ashworth Homestore and you can click here to visit their setup on the Home and Garden sim.

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Home and Garden Expo 2014 

Monday, September 22, 2014

No, that's not a sex swing......

Did that get your attention? (lol) Well, I have had several questions regarding one item in this blog post so I thought why not make my reply the title.

When I first saw all the items for bloggers that are available at the Home & Garden Expo, I was totally overwhelmed thinking to myself, "How am I going to blog on all these magnificent pieces?" I mean come on 96 designers on 9 sims, all focused on homes and home decor!! That's is a LOT to take in. However, as I unpacked and arranged and saw the pieces, I became more relaxed and actually inspired!

This is just one post so far, so stay tuned for more....and I had over 10 photos for this blog post but decided to only put 6 here. The rest of the photos are posted on my FLICKR so  that this post isn't overwhelmed.

The first set of photos that I took are from the outside of the home focusing on the outdoor items that you can find at the Expo. I was also playing around with windlight settings and for this set I used the Jax Muted Sunset and the Jax Pretty Sunset.

In the above photos you can find:

The Dreamers Home -- Thaino Designs
*leaf* lampstand A / Autumn -- Dreamscapes Art Gallery & Decor
*leaf* lampstand/Autumn (they are outside the gates and have a stand)
Garden Fence - JoHaDez
Thaino Pumpkin Flower Bed  -- Thaino Designs
Pumpkin Seat - Thaino Designs
Standing Pumpkin Decor - Thaino Designs
Pumpkin Hanging Baskets - Thaino Designs

All of the items are highly detailed and best of all LOW PRIM! I love it when items are well made, quality textures and then are low prim, it's just the icing on the cake! Now let's move inside this wonderful home...

See the swing above is just a normal one person swing, not a sex swing lol. The items above are soooo awesome, high quality textures, low prim mesh, I just can't say enough.

Items in this room above:

*Shabby* Chalky Lights -- Shabby Tabby
!! Follow US !! Girly desk 
!! Follow US !! Girly desk - Chair 
!! Follow US !! Glam' coat rack 
.:revival:. suede chair

Here is the area that I made for the bedroom, this home is kind of sectioned off into three portions. So, I decided to make it the living room, bedroom and an office. I love all the windows and the simplicity of design. If you look really close you will see the gorgeous details on the walls at the bottom.

Items in this room:
Stacked Books Lamp - Old Blue : by Dekute Dekore
-JoHaDeZ- GardenBed "Natural"
.:revival:. "Kiss & Hug" sign
!! Follow US !! French weekend tray (blog)
*Shabby* Chalky Screen - Shabby Tabby

In this room, you will find:
Expo 2014 clock - Sandi Glas/ Glas Houses (Hunt Item)
Casa Side Table
Casa Dove Cage
Potomac Signature Homes-Ivy Lane armchair, sofa (PG), coffee table, magazines, 
bedroom lamps, end tables

To see all the photos in higher resolution, please visit my FLICKR page. The other photos not used here have the items descriptions in the comments.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Home & Garden Expo 2014

The Home & Garden Expo 2014
September 16 - 28

For the next couple of weeks, I will be posting several items and setups from the Home & Garden Expo, like the setup below.

This set is from Apple Fall and I happen to love the way this is set up....from the seamstress mannequins in the corner to the hanging lamps in the bedroom display. Not to mention the house that holds it all! When I first arrived at this display, it as love at first site for the house and YES! it is for sale at a wonderful price!

The vintage tea room is straight out from a home decor magazine, and the quality of the items just takes my breath away. You can find several items for sale at the H&G Expo, but there are also items that benefit Relay for Life, so be sure to head over and visit ALL the wonderful merchants (96!!!) on all of the NINE sims.

Here is where you will find a list of all the merchants and the sims that they are located on:

Be sure to stop by before it's too late, help support Relay for Life and these wonderful merchants!

Find more information here: 

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Venom's Room :)

I love home decor and not to mention seeing how other people decorate their space. The photos below are from a friend of mine named Venom and she allowed me in one day to take some photos in her skybox.

Thank you so much Venom for this glimpse into your home :)

I hope that I was able to capture the list of all the items in these shots. Please forgive me if I have left something out.

::Cherry Pie::  - Plate of Doughnuts
*~RH~* - Wrought Iron Candles
[Croire] Butterfly Wall Decal
[DDD] Blossom Vase
~Bazar~ - Floria Kitchen & Dining Room Sets
Lark - Crawford Mirror

These photos are available on my FLICKR page in higher resolution.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Waves, hi!!! Yes, it is true! I have a 2nd blog page now and this one will be strictly for home decor/interior design. My thinking is that when I blog fashion, people who want to see my home decor posts don't want to have to scroll through the fashion posts. So, viola', a new page was born! lol

I took these photos a couple of weeks back when I remodeled my living room. My tastes in furniture are so eclectic and simple, and pretty much UNCLUTTERED. Wish my RL home was like that lol.

When I first began decorating this room the theme that I wanted to do was more Americana and the chests from 11th Hour (under the TV) were the items that gave me inspiration. While I was trying to pull the room together since my furniture wasn't in the same theme, I decided to create a rug and some pictures with the Americana/folk lore feel. The Scrabble board on the floor served 2 purposes 1) it makes it look lived in and homier and 2) I LOVE Scrabble lol. The Cheeky Pea sofa, chairs and coffee table are all accented with pieces from Bazar, Kaerri, Alouette and {What Next}.

My favorite thing to do in this living room is to just relax with my special person in my life, watch some movies on the VEA 3 TV, or just cuddle and talk. Be sure to spread the word about my new blog page as well as visit these shops and support merchants!!


Couch: Cheeky Pea- :CP: Bailey Sofa  (comes in adult or standard)
Table Lamp, Book Clutter, Vases and Newspaper Stand: ~BAZAR~ Arizona Living room
Wall Quilt: Kaerri - Brentwood Living Room Wall Quilt
Chairs: Cheeky Pea - :CP: Bailey Chair Silver & Bailey Chair Leaf
Coffee Table: Cheeky Pea - :CP: Bailey Set (used table only)
Game on floor: Apple Fall- AF Let's Play Scrabble
USA themed cabinets11th Hour: Citizens Cabinet (United States Flag)
Apothecary cabinetAlouette - Open Apothecary Drawers - Light
Candles{what next} LOVE Candles
Metal Clock in cornerAlouette - Metal Floor Clock
Additional items: The rug and photos on the wall were made by me

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If you'd like to see these photos in higher resolution, please visit my FLICKR page.

Waves Hello!!!!

It's me and guess what?! I am starting a second blog and this one is ONLY for home decor and design! Stay tuned and watch this space :)