Sunday, August 9, 2015

Welcome to My Home series....Day 1

Everyone always asks me about my home and how it is decorated, so I decided to do a complete series of nothing but my house. So, every day I will post a new room and its contents so you will see how I decorate my own house.

Today we start with the actual home and the front porch. I have to tell you I literally walked into this deal on this home! I couldn't believe my luck! Marketplace showed me this house and I thought it would be a mistake on the pricing or a home built by a "newb". However, I sent the creator an IM asking if there was a place where I could see this particular home.

Micky Doctorow is the creator and my IM was met with friendliness, promptness and general helpfulness. He immediately TP'd me to his space and rezzed the home out for me so I could walk through. Once I walked through I was sold, but I couldn't believe the price (395 L)! Since the purchase of the Evening Shade Manor, Mr. Doctorow has created other homes and yes I own them all! lol.

The Evening Shade Manor comes not only with the house, but it comes with a garage (which has a loft apartment above), and a boathouse! The boathouse actually has a loft apartment above it as well. So, you have three living spaces for an extremely low price. Snatch this one up immediately as well as his other homes!

{what next} Bramley Rocking Chair (pine) - Plain
{what next} Bramley Rocking Chair (pine) - no pillow
{what next} Cornwall Daisies Planter (blue), green and pink
Stonewood Interiors - Twisted Topiary LG (2)
{what next} Retro Doormat
{what next} Brown Wellies Decor
{what next) White Bramley Porch Swing (long)
Evening Shade Manor by Modern Living

Don't forget to stay tuned, I will post each room and all the furnishings :)

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