Thursday, August 13, 2015

Welcome to My Home series....Day 5

Today is the first day from this series where we visit the upstairs of the Evening Shade Manor home that I purchased and decorated for my own home. There are four very large rooms upstairs that can be decorated however you prefer, but I wanted a room four my son Gage. The room is generous in size and the walls come in a neutral color but I can change it if I like.

JUNGLE ART 1 - Equisite Eye
{beLLam} Bellafant - Baby Blue
Bellarose Furniture - Rocking Horse
From creator Zhoie Zimermann of Zen Creations:
Zen Nursery Plushie (Boy)
Zen Nursery Rug (Boy)
Zen Nursery Crib (Boy)
Zen Nursery Lamp (Boy)
Zen Nursery Dresser (2)
Zen Nursery Pouf 3 (Boy)
Zen Nursery Pouf 1 (Boy)
Zen Nursery Art 2 (Boy)
From the creator Paige Raven of ~Cozy Baby~
~*Emi Collection*~ Change Table - Paige Raven creator
~*Cozy Baby*~ Rocking Chair ~ Story Time ~ Reset scripts on rez
~*Cozy Baby Bouncy Chair*~ Story Time
~*Cozy Clutter*~ Picture Frame
~*Cozy Care Lotion*~
~*Cozy Care Baby Oil*~
~*Cozy Baby Gift Basket*~ Green
Lazy Time Bear
Basket with Bow (3)
From the creator Teagan Parnas of Snuggle Baby:
Discovery Nursery set Playpen - teagan parnas creator
Play mat with animation ( works with Zooby stage toys)
Snuggles Baby formula

Stay tuned for the rest of the rooms found in my upstairs! Not to mention the boathouse and the garage that is included with the home!

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