Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Loving Fall!!

Even though I know winter is coming, Autumn is such a burst of joy before the snow and ice set in. The crunching sound of the leaves, the wonderful colors that flood the trees and the ground and all the "warm" things we do.

My RL birthday is in July so this summer I had asked for a firepit to be built in my back yard because I just KNEW I would use it in the fall. Guess what?! I few times now and I even learned that I cannot handle sm'oreos lol they are wayyy too sweet.

Speaking of fall, Dreamland Designs have some amazing items for the fall season:

You will see both the Autumn Table Set and the Tree with falling acorns and leaves. Yes! Acorns and leaves really fall! In my photos you will see that the Autumn Table Set has several options to choose from.

The Tree has a lot of options for sitting as well, and in addition tot he acorns and leaves falling, it has piles of leaves and the baskets that come with it. Be sure you get yours soon from Dreamland Designs and enjoy a little taste of Autumn in your backyard :)

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